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Feb 08 , 2019

'Reveling in the Creative Jungle' - Up Close with Dr. Anthony Brandt

I’ve met a lot of people who’ve said at one time or another they were told that they weren’t creative—to which I reply not possible…Virtually everything that surrounds us was brought into being by...

Collage of lectures at GSCS
Sep 04 , 2015

Fall Preview 2015 Was a Success

We had almost 200 visitors to the Anderson-Clarke Center on Wednesday to experience our second annual Fall Preview event!

People working in lab as sun sets
Sep 02 , 2015

Developing a 360 View of Creativity

Each of the many courses we offer during the year requires significant “behind-the-scenes” time, energy and planning, and our Personal Development team is careful to bring just the right subject

Students running with flags at Rice football stadium
Aug 31 , 2015

Keep Calm ... Football Season is Back

With the official start of college football returning this week, the countdown to kickoff has begun here at Rice.

Houston downtown skyline with view of Allen Parkway
Aug 28 , 2015

How to Become a Houston Arts Insider

Houston has a long history of a flourishing arts scene, and with the community’s support behind them, local arts organizations have big plans ahead.

Acrylic paint tubes
Aug 21 , 2015

Taking Your Art to the Next Level

The caricature of the artist as an aloof, temperamental person is almost as stale as the familiar beret that adorns cartoon characters who are either an artist, French or both.

Small blue bird
Aug 19 , 2015

A Bird in the City is Worth Two in the Bush

In most large cities, birding means spotting an old thunderbird while idling in traffic. In Houston, aspiring ornithologists are flocking for the opportunity to view feathered urbanites.

Houston downtown skyline
Aug 14 , 2015

The Rich History of Our Bayou City

Houston goes by many nicknames, but Bayou City remains a popular choice and one that truly reflects the city’s geography.

Couple walking in park
Aug 12 , 2015

Living Your Retirement to the Fullest

Gone are the days of simply retiring to Florida. Many individuals are forgoing a traditional retirement to continue working part-time in their current capacity or embarking on a career change.

Woman meditating on beach
Aug 07 , 2015

More Than the Movement of Yoga

More than 20 million Americans currently practice yoga for a variety of reasons – stress relief, flexibility, training the mind, etc. – and more and more people are becoming fans every day.

collage of Broadway divas
Aug 05 , 2015

Get to Know the Divas of Broadway

For as long as Broadway has been around, the leading ladies of the stage have demanded respect and garnered a fierce loyalty among their fans.