AP Workshops for Teachers
Evaluations & Certificates


Please take a few minutes to complete a brief evaluation to tell us about your online experience. After successful completion of the evaluation, you may sign in to Rice’s student portal (not Canvas) to download a copy of your electronic certificate.

If you receive a message stating your certificate is ‘INCOMPLETE’, you may have an outstanding balance. Please check with your campus/district for payment status. Rice will not release your certificate until full payment, by check or credit card, has been received.

Event Event Date(s) Survey Link
Fall AP Seminar Nov. 12, 2022


AP Exam Prep Workshop Feb. 25, 2023


Please contact collegeready@rice.edu if you have any issues or concerns.


You may sign in to Rice’s student portal (not Canvas) to download a copy of your electronic certificate.

  1. Please log in on the left side of this page (I have an account already): https://glasscockcatalog.rice.edu/portal/logon.do?method=load
    1. Please use the same email and password that you registered with and used to sign in to Canvas.
    2. If you forgot your password, please click Forgot Password.
    Destiny Screenshot
    Screenshot of Step 1

  2. In the left navigation menu, click My Enrollment History.
  3. Click the tab for Completed.
  4. To the right of the course name, click the Print button.

    Destiny Screenshot
    Screenshot of Steps 4 & 5
  5. In the Print Report window, select “Course Certificate Completion”:
  6. Click Print to generate the certificate. You will get a PDF file that you can then save and print from your computer.

    Destiny Screenshot
    Screenshot of Steps 5 & 6

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Rice student portal, please contact us at gscsonlinehelp@rice.edu.


Please use the form below to submit any outstanding questions. A member of our Center of College Readiness will respond to you. You may also email us at collegeready@rice.edu.