Paint. Pixels. Pitch. Whether your preferred creative expression is studio art, photography, music or another medium, the lectures and hands-on workshops of our Arts courses offer expert guidance and welcoming environments. Absolute beginners, serious amateurs and seasoned professionals are invited to deepen their understanding of arts and design, enhance their skills or learn something entirely new.


Fall 2019 Courses

The Idea of Art and the Art of Ideas

Explore big questions such as “What is art?” and “Who is an artist?” using the field of conceptual art as a springboard, as work by renowned artist Sol LeWitt is installed at the Glasscock School.

Cooking With Chef Roger

ALL NEW MENUS - This hands-on course shares techniques for step-by-step preparation of meals with Chef Roger Elkhouri, an award-winning senior executive chef at Rice University.

Designing, Building and Remodeling Your Dream Home

Architect and interior designer Brent Nyquist guides you through the process of home design, new construction and remodeling with tools to help you manage your project and assess the professionals involved.

Modern Feng Shui Practice: A Hands-on Design Workshop

Feng shui master and architect C. C. Lee illuminates the intersection of feng shui practices and green design principles in this interactive workshop.

On Broadway in the 1970s and 1980s

Former professional actress Debra Dickinson highlights some of the greatest Broadway hits of the 1970s and 1980s such as Cats, Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera and 42nd Street.

Singing the Blues

From Bessie Smith to Muddy Waters, trace the history and legacy of the blues, featuring Texas blues musicians, Mississippi Delta artists and more.


Studio Arts Courses

The Art of Collage

“Coller,” the French word meaning to glue, defines this technique of assembling different forms to create something new. Includes in-class time to create collages and a museum visit.

The Artful Copy: Painting Like a Master

Learn to paint with confidence using simple transfer techniques to replicate the work of Old Masters and harness your own creativity to interpret photographs as paintings.

Color Theory and Painting

Animate your artwork by harnessing color theory, mixing and application in this hands-on course for beginning, intermediate and advanced acrylic and watercolor painters.

Introduction to Drawing

Bring your drawings to life by learning the basics of composition, value and contour while practicing a variety of approaches to create a drawing.

The Painter’s Toolbox: An Introduction to Acrylic Painting

Build a strong foundation of skills to create a painting from start to finish. Explore paint application, the value scale, texture and color theory.

Sketching Houston

Experience Houston’s vitality and enhance your drawing skills through urban sketching in this course integrating classroom instruction with field trips.

You, Too, Can Draw!

Learn or relearn the fundamentals of drawing in this class for beginning and intermediate artists.


Photography Courses

Advanced Photography Workshop With Peter Brown

Experienced photographers grow creatively by offering and receiving critiques on independent projects in a supportive environment. Instructor approval is required to register.

The Basics of Photography

Learn the technical and artistic aspects of basic photography in this introductory course, with weekly assignments and critiques.

iPhone Photography

This course covers the basics of the iPhone® camera, the art and science of photography, strategies for taking better photographs and recommended apps.

Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers

This class guides photographers through the essentials of Adobe® Lightroom® and Adobe® Photoshop® —the most popular digital photo processing software available today.

Making Extraordinary Photos of Everyday Life

Become familiar with the principles of photographic design and enhance your ability to “make” rather than “take” good images of everyday life and portraits.


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