Science, Technology & Health

Houston is an international leader in advancing science, technology and health, home to outstanding universities, the largest medical center in the world and the headquarters of the aerospace industry. Our courses convene experts from across fields and institutions to share the latest research-based insights. From astronomy to robotics and from medicine to mindfulness, learn how discoveries in science, technology and health affect you, our society and the world at large.


Fall 2019 Courses

Evolution Since Darwin

Examine how our understanding of evolution has transformed since Darwin’s time and how evolutionary science is improving human lives and shaping our future.

Galaxy Formation, Evolution and Cosmology

Astrophysicist Christopher Johns-Krull sheds light on the universe’s origin, the formation and evolution of galaxies and the ultimate fate of the universe.

Holistic Gardening Workshop

Learn to create a “holistic garden” to enhance health, wellness and well-being in this workshop led by gardening expert Dr. Joseph Novak, with hands-on design and planting activities.

Urban Birding

Learn about the hundreds of bird species, from peregrine falcons to black-bellied whistling ducks, that can be found in Houston’s urban environment. Includes a guided field trip.


Mind-Body Courses

Meditation and Health

Explore meditative practices that may enhance physical and emotional health with Tibetan meditation expert Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D.

Mindfulness for Stress Relief

Learn to better manage stress by developing and sustaining a practice of mindfulness. Includes a half-day silent retreat.


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