Social Sciences

Are you a student of human nature, curious about why people think, feel and act the way that they do? Do you seek to better understand yourself, others and the forces shaping our communities, markets, and global cultures? Social scientists from across disciplines shed light on the human psyche and society.


Fall 2019 Courses

Finding Meaning in Retirement

Retirement can be a time of joy, connection and meaning. Psychologist Michael Winters helps you discover the fullest potential of your retirement years.

Universal City: Immigration and the Future of Houston and the U.S.

Join Rice scholars and other experts to explore how immigration is shaping Houston and the U.S. and how Houston can lead as one of the first “universal cities.”


Personal Finance Courses

Retirement, Investing, Income Tax and Estate Planning

This course provides an overview of retirement, investing, income tax and estate planning for those in search of financial freedom and security in an uncertain investment climate.

Stock Market and Investment Fundamentals

Certified financial planner and registered investment advisor William Frisco teaches both novice and longtime investors how to manage risks and globally diversify portfolios.


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