COVID-19 Updates

Update released on July 16, 2021: Fall Return to Campus

This fall, in addition to online courses, the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies will resume in-person instruction at the Anderson-Clarke Center.

Since the pandemic began, Rice has shown the ability to operate the university safely for undergraduate and graduate populations. Various outcomes show this, including a cumulative COVID-19 positivity rate of 0.24%, a total community prevalence of approximately 5%, no large outbreaks, and only about 1% of the total number of infected people who contracted the virus from an on-campus transmission. The collaborative spirit of our campus between faculty, staff and students has been a key factor in our successful navigation of the pandemic.

For the Glasscock community, as we return to campus, our success in this effort is dependent on each of us acting with the best interest of our whole community as our priority. Towards this, we have made modifications to the Glasscock School’s Anderson-Clarke Center, including:

  1. Mandatory mask requirements for all staff, students, instructors, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status
  2. Upgraded HVAC systems to include higher efficiency filters, UV disinfection lights and improved airflow
  3. Equipped the facility with multiple sanitizing stations
  4. Heightened cleaning protocols to maintain sanitization through the Anderson-Clarke Center
  5. Maintained robust selection of online courses, allowing for individuals to pursue remote education in accordance with their own specific health needs

Additionally, we ask that everyone review the following In-Person Expectations, implemented for our safe and successful return to campus.

Expectations of Glasscock School Staff, Students and Instructors

We ask that all individuals who come to the Glasscock School’s Anderson-Clarke Center be fully vaccinated for a minimum of two weeks prior to attendance.

All vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals must wear a face mask at all times when indoors on the Rice campus, including the Anderson-Clarke Center.

Individuals experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 should not come to campus until they are symptom-free and have received a negative test for COVID-19.

We ask that individuals not vaccinated maintain a minimum of 6-feet social distance while on campus and as much space as allowable within class areas.

We encourage all individuals who come to the Anderson-Clarke Center to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the building. Sanitizing stations are available throughout the facility.

Note: Participants in our English as a Second Language programs should Contact Us for requirements pertaining to their program.

These measures are designed to minimize coronavirus transmission risks and allow us to continue to maintain in-person instruction. Expectations and procedures may be modified as circumstances dictate and in accordance with Rice policy. If you are not able to maintain your part in these measures or have extenuating circumstances that make in-person instruction a high-risk activity, we invite you to consider our wide variety of online opportunities.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration. We look forward to seeing you in person or online this fall.


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